Parent of a Teen Post 796

Remember Mama Llama in her red pajamas?

I want to be "No Drama Mama"

for just one day!

Parent of A Teen Post 265

A good day is less then three eye rolls and more than one moment of eye contact!

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"Yesterday I got all of my kids off to school and was flying out the door to get to work on time. I'd like to say that I left a clean house , had an organic dinner in my crock pot to lovingly serve my family at the end of a long day, and had a good handle on what each of my teens were facing that day, but that would be stretching the truth. A lot. So, I go to grab my keys, and they are not there. I check my coat pocket. Not there. Counter. Not there. It hits me then. My 16 year old borrows my coat on occasion. I knew it! Lost keys could not be my problem! I looked for the coat. Not there. I immediately called the school. Oh boy! Ya. I am that embarrassing. I asked to page my kid! Ha. She will be lucky to survive adolescence unscarred. When she got on the phone I accused her of wearing my purple coat and having my keys in the pocket. She said calmly, mom, your purple coat is in the truck where we left all of our coats yesterday. Ill give her an A+ for remembering the day before was unseasonably warm  and we all threw our coats in the trunk. and myself a giant "F" for falsely accusing my kid of taking my coat!


Missing car Keys


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